Software Developer and Creative Director thriving at the intersection of art and technology


I am driven by creating order out of chaos and am constantly searching for opportunities to leverage technology in new and interesting ways. My core competencies lie in web technologies and I am passionate about projects that exist at the intersection of art and technology. I'm on a mission to create collaborative, accessible, interactive, and immersive experiences leveraging various mediums both tangible and intangible.


Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

2011 - 2016

The CIS program teaches the fundamentals of object oriented and functional programming, server and database administration, QA, and project management. During my time at Mount Royal I developed applications using various languages including Java, C#, .Net, Javascript, and Python. In addition to my studies, I participated in numerous extra curricular activities including serving as an executive on my program's student society where I helped coordinate and host events for the students and faculty including hackathons, AR playground fundraisers, and student showcase events.


Senior Consultant

May 2021 - Current

I'm currently working as a Senior Consultant staffed on a project for a global oil & gas company helping the team iterate on new features of their mobile app in the role of Product Owner. I'm also volunteering on a side-of-desk project for Ignite Calgary building out their website and blog using NextJS and Prismic.

Senior Product Engineer & Team Lead

May 2016 - May 2021

My role as an Senior Product Engineer at Versett has me switching between strategic consulting and UX development as I help design and build solutions for clients in enterprise, startup, and venture domains. I leverage the most modern Javascript web technologies to build accessible, secure, and performant, web and mobile applications. Together with my team, we have delivered scalable customized solutions including cryptocurrency exchange platforms, business travel tools, custom ecommerce platforms, rich data visualizations, mobile career coach applications and many more. The wide range of projects I have been exposed to at Versett has broadened my toolbealt and honed my ability to learn new skills and deep dive into new problem domains with ease.

Founder & Creative Director

2019 - Current

It started as a volunteer position as Art Director at a small charity music festival and turned into a mission to bring together a community of artists and creatives to collaborate on massive live art installations live streamed online for the world to participate. I work as a consultant teaming up with various event production companies to create live aerosol art installations set to live music paired with custom event websites that include Twitch channel embeds, discord chat functionality, and digital art galleries. For this summer, I'm planning two community driven public art projects, one independently, and one in collaboration with the Bowness BIA with help from the Ripples Grant and ActivateYYC Grant. I'm also working though logistics for two graffiti jam exhibits taking place at music festivals this summer.

Developer & Contributor

2020 - Current

I'm creating a digital presence and contributing as a writer for Calgary's newest arts, music, and culture magazine. I've built the website leveraging NextJS and Prismic CMS for an easy to update and SEO friendly online experience. Big Kitty Magazine strives to be a safe, inclusive, and accessible publication for all marginalized voices including LGBTQ2S+ and BIMPOC communities.

Web Development Bootcamp Mentor

2016 - 2018

My mentorship role was a part time evening position where I assisted students as they progressed through a 10 week intensive web development bootcamp. The curriculum was iterative and new technologies were frequently introduced requiring me to quickly familiarize myself in order to best assist the students. Calgary is a satellite office from the Toronto based operations so there was ample opportunity for me to help coordinate and facilitate events such as demo days, showcase events, and employer meet-and-greet sessions.

Web Developer

2015 - 2016

I was brought on as a contractor to help a local student crowdfunding startup pivot to a freelancer marketplace aiming to connect local startups and small businesses with student freelancers. I made extensive customizations to the automation and workflow features of an existing marketplace framework build on Wordpress. I was given the opportunity to pitch RCKTSHP to the A100 and land us a finalist position in Startup Calgary's Launchpad Accelerator pitch competition with just two days notice to prepare.

Technical Support Analyst


To fulfill a requirement of my degree, I completed a four month internship as a technical support analyst for a the password and identity management branch of Hitachi. During my time there, I set up a large virtual network to mimic a complex client setup and went through the process of intentionally breaking, debugging, and repairing for the most in-depth understanding possible.